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AMCS Platform 8.2 Release

Committed to driving efficiencies in operations

AMCS Platform 8.2 Release

Key Highlights

The latest release of AMCS Platform, of which there are three each year, is evolving the waste and recycling industry from a technological standpoint.

Our global teams are working to continually advance and enhance a process-driven platform built around our integrated end-to-end solutions and industry best practices. This is to support and partner with your business, from your people to your customers, delivering world-class software solutions that enable you to achieve your business goals.  

With the latest release, we are delivering an array of features and functionality committed to driving efficiencies in your operations, efficiencies that will support margin expansion and increase your bottom line. We know this is key for our customers in today’s marketplace.

Let’s take you through the key highlights of this release.

Smart User Experience

We're continually evolving our users' experience as we enhance our features and develop new modules on the AMCS Platform. This creates greater efficiencies along our industry-built processes and provides users' with an intuitive experience when navigating the AMCS Platform.

Key highlights:

  • Web UI enhancements
  • Embedded Digital Training Tool to speed up user adoption, and simplify the onboarding process and ongoing use of the application

Customer Management

The 8.2 release has simplified customer management workflows and transferred increased usability and functionality to our web-based platform. 

Key highlights:

  • Casual Customer On-boarding has been given design and process enhancements
  • Price books module has an enhanced user-experience to support a faster and intuitive workflow
  • Geo-Fencing module is enabling CSRs/agents to better resolve calls and reduce the time spent sourcing data

Inbound Logistics

A big focus for this 8.2 release has been around inbound logistics processes. Creating efficiencies and therefore increasing productivity is a key factor to support margin expansion for our customers along inbound workflows.  And we’re delivering.  

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Key highlights:

  • Demand Planning: We’ve heavily reduced the time spent on administrative tasks with features such as mass job creation and calendar-based scheduling.
  • Grading & Quality Evaluation: There’s improved control over your quality process with single-step and screen approvals, and quality forms enhancements.
  • Grading & Sequencing: We’ve mitigated associated grading and sequencing risks through redesigned and enhanced processes to give you greater visibility into your stock and associated outbound transactions.

Outbound Logistics

8.2 has delivered an intuitive and customer-centric view of the outbound logics process.  We’ve enhanced the design and functionality of the material sales module within AMCS Platform, providing end-user with a comprehensive business view of sales orders.

Scale Operations and Transportation

We’re delighted to launch our Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT) with this latest release and we have also included further features and functionality to support efficiency gains to your mobile workforce.

  • AMCS Driver Assisted Terminals (DAT) enables an unmanned self-service weighing experience for inbound and outbound transactions. This is an “always-open” operating model that will positively impact your top-line growth.
  • AMCS Mobile release is delivering added value around mitigating risk, with chain of custody compliance documentation and workflows, and driving productivity with remote driver debrief.

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