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Development & Product Management

Service Delivery Manager (Kanban)

Service Delivery Manager (Kanban)

AMCS is the leading global supplier of smart resource software and vehicle technology solutions for the waste, recycling and resource management industries. Our enterprise software and SaaS solutions deliver digital innovation to the emerging circular economy around the world. 

Due to the expansion of our Software Development teams, we are looking to recruit an experienced Kanban Service Delivery Manager. Working closely with our DevOps team, you will be responsible for the following;

  • Conduct a depth-of-kanban assessment and educate team on Kanban values, principles and practices
  • Work with the team, customer and stakeholders to identify the system’s purpose and fitness criteria for it.
  • Visibly publish as explicit policies shared expectations on work item selection and quality criteria
  • Track where blockages occur and conduct root-cause analysis when they do
  • Help team follow the policies it has created (e.g., WIP limits and work selection) and discuss and act on exceptions to policies (issues and opportunities) after stand-up meeting
  • Ensure that all of the team's work items are organized visually by type, state, parallel work stream and class of service
  • Help team to size and select work items to optimize economic outcomes
  • Work with executive sponsor to communicate and remove system-wide blockers
  • Oversee improvement experiments (clearly state hypothesis, measurements, timings) identified at retrospectives
  • Help team create new or revise existing policies when needed
  • Report and make visible progress, demand and capability externally, both to customer and the wider organization (cycle times, flow efficiency, percent accurate and complete)
  • Facilitate operations review within customer "division" or program
  • Work with customer relationship rep to use data to create forecasts 

The flow manager will play an important part across the Kanban Cadences, with cyclical meetings that drive change and "fit for purpose" service delivery. Working closely with the DevOps Manager, you will be involved in the following duties;

1. Stand-up Meeting (recommended cadence: daily): While reviewing the work board, replace the traditional “three questions” with “What is stuck today? Where are we seeing flow? Where and why are blockages repeatedly occurring?”

2. Service Delivery Review or Retrospective: Manage improvements as experiments.

3. Operations Review (monthly ): Review existing policies that affect service delivery, flow management, capacity allocation and demand shaping.

4. Risk Review: Facilitate blocker clustering, one of the key collaborative activities to conduct during a risk review

5. Strategy Review: Review of positioning, segmentation, go-to-market strategy, fitness criteria metrics, fitness for purpose and strategy versus capability assessment

6. Replenishment/Commitment Meeting

7. Release/Delivery Planning (Per delivery cadence)

Ideally you will have 5 years's similar experience in a fast paced Software Development environment

Development & Product Management
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