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Years of experience in the field have given AMCS the expertise to target the solutions specifically at the Building and Construction sector in order to meet exactly your needs.

Building Materials

Extract maximum value by driving efficiently

Years of experience in the field have given AMCS the expertise to target the solution specifically at the building materials sector.

In order to meet the unique demands which characterize the industry, AMCS’s state-of-the-art transportation optimization system includes a number of special features for the different types of building materials: Ready-mix concrete, cement, aggregates, prefab, metal products or other building material products.

Below, you will find examples of functionality specifically for the building materials industry, but AMCS offers a lot more and will be pleased to give you further details on the possibilities within the specific type of building materials distribution/transportation in which your company operates

Selection of industry-related functionalities


  • Automatic splitting of sales orders into loads according to vehicle capacities
  • Ensuring a steady delivery flow of loads during larger deliveries (shuttle delivery, time between loads or cubic meters delivered per hour)
  • Planning across plants and sharing of vehicles
  • Allocation of loads to vehicles according to qualifications, cost profiles and availability
  • Ability to handle pumps, PUMIs as well as regular vehicles in the same optimization
  • Planning according to recipes and production sites’ production capabilities
  • Identification of next load which should be subject to quality assurance check
  • Real-time execution and re-optimization, based on order adjustments, urgent orders and on real-time communication with GPS tracker, mobile system, vehicle equipment and production system status


  • Planning with multiple silo locations and multiple loading heads per silo
  • Ability to plan loading for vehicles with several compartments per truck and trailer
  • Ability to plan both bulk transport and bag distribution in the same system
  • Inclusion of customers’ own pick-ups in the plan to cater for silo capacity
  • Decision support for diverting return materials to avoid costly off-loading and warning about return load product contamination
  • En route redirection of loads to customers experiencing sudden dry running
  • Monitoring of customers’ stock levels as well as forecasting and planning of next cement delivery
  • Live monitoring of execution and on-going re-optimization of plan in real time
  • Support for dealing with key operational exceptions; e.g. vehicle breakdown or loading head outages

Other types

Moreover, the system smoothly handles an extensive list of unique requirements within transportation and distribution of metal products, aggregates and prefab. These requirements include the following:

  • Handling of complex order picking of metal / prefab products directly to truck at warehouses
  • Pre-loading of products before the tractor picks up the trailer
  • Automatic order creation for aggregate transportation, based on customer stock levels and consumption curves
  • Handling of loading restrictions for quarries, e.g. limitations on loading equipment to be used for aggregate transportation
  • Ability to plan multi-day trips for delivery and shunting
  • Ability to move products from hanger to vehicle en route

Potential benefits

The advanced IT system enables companies to improve operational efficiency significantly and achieve major savings in transportation costs.

  • An increase of 15-25% in the number of delivered full loads per vehicle (ready-mix) and 10-20% reduction of driven miles for other distribution/transportation types
  • Reduction of 5-10% in the number of vehicles
  • A remarkable improvement in customer service levels, including the ability to meet tight time windows
  • Between 30 and 75% less time spent on planning and resource scheduling
  • 30-60% reductions in time spent on registration and follow-up
  • Significantly increased employee satisfaction due to a stress-free planning and order-entry environment


Over the years, the features of AMCS’s solution have been developed, based on extensive industry-specific knowledge which AMCS has acquired from customers within the industry. These references include: Unicon, Aalborg Portland, AfriSam, Tarmac  and Lemwigh-Müller.


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